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A matter of "respect".

Recently someone said my use of a real deer tail was disrespectful. When one of our bucks dies he is buried with his rack, some would cut it off and bury him naked, I don't, I feel it is disrespectful to his honor. When we find "shed" antlers we save them, as a sign of respect and remembrance. I have a tuft of Lexx's fur in my "medicine bag", I save it as a remembrance, I also wear a cross fashioned out of one of his shed antler flats, a big sign of respect and honor.
The tail in question was purchased from a Native American who blessed the tail to be a memorial to the deer who sacrificed his life so the Indian could survive, not a random killing or culling, the deer was used and honored in a sacred ceremony, and that's why I bought it. In my travels I have seen "tails" used often as ritual items and symbols of a person's Totem. Especially the White Tail Deer, who's famous for his beautiful tail.
I don't think it is dishonor or disrespect to use the tail, it gives the deer's spirit a chance to live again, in a different way, not thrown away or dismembered for making crafts, the tail was meticulously treated and fashioned, with respect in mind, that this was his remaining symbol of his existence.

Perhaps a fursuit isn't the venue for paying respect for a certain deer's life, but we who honor certain animals and their icons should be able to express themselves as they see fit, if questioned about the tail I would tell the story of the deer who once wore it, honoring him, reviving his memory, and then I expect reasonable people will accept the reason.
We have lost our best friends here, killed because of their racks, one was eaten, three were mounted. In the case of poaching it is disrespectful, but in the case of a true honorable hunter, who accepts the deer's sacrifice, then honors him with a mount, I won't deny the act, a hunter who kills without honor is scum in my book, and merely a murderer.

Lexx, Houdini, Benny, and Gazelle, and don't forget Kayless (who broke a leg and was later put to sleep) who was also a victim, are remembered by photos, artifacts, and memories of their existence, I miss them all dearly, they were my friends, and anyone who dares say I am disrespectful, in any way, doesn't know me, and my beliefs.
I hope this clears things up, if not?...well too bad.

Just an update on what's going on.

I lost the election by a few votes and now am out of politics, a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I still care about the town and it's people, but I am no longer responsible for it. In the end I will be remembered for the City wide clean-up, upgrading the City computer system, renovating the City water plant, creating a troubled youth program that keeps kids in school, and an attempt to bind the local churches to form a Habitat for Humanity, I also created a program to help poverty stricken families, and help repair their homes and cars for no charge, found funding for City utility projects, bought a new Cat backhoe, and a new mowing tractor, security, and blah, blah, blah. I ran for County Commissioner and did a stupid but necessary thing, I voted in the Republican Primary as a Democrat!, was taken off the ballot (that I still think was illegal) I was shunned by the Republican party and ran as a Democrat, I am not a steadfast Liberal or Conservative, I do what works and is good for the people. I left my post as Fire Chief and Bucky quit as assistant Chief, miss the action, don't miss the death and dismemberment, I guess I went through the motions of first responder responsibilities, because of all the training, but later would get emotional when someone died or was terribly injured. I still carry a kit with latex gloves and a face mask, just in case.
I'm still Municipal Judge, on the inactive list, but if they decide to hold court again I just have to change my status.
I build military weapons to be legal and authentic, started a new business and waiting for the necessary licensing, have been getting a lot of inquiries and orders and have a lot of antique and custom builds. I do not do hunting weapons, only collectable and familiar weapons for Veterans.
Getting back into the Furry scene, not much has changed, but I'm a old school Fur, can't get used to green cats with purple dicks, doesn't do anything for me. Working on Bucky's fursuit, in pretty good shape, fits me like a glove and I washed and conditioned the wig, then brushed it out, I felt like a hair dresser in San Francisco.
The Jeep is running great, have some new engine parts to install, all painted original color and will replace all the bolts with stainless steel. Doing welding, have a contract for a milking barn and constructing a "chicken plucker", sounds weird, but I'll build anything.

Anyway...feeling very good, the pain patch is very effective and I have a lot of ambition.
Hope to post more often.

New knee and other stuff

Just had a new left knee installed and now am doing the exercises to make it work, I'm soon becoming a bionic buck.
At first I had doubts about the necessity until I saw the X ray with the joint destroyed by arthritis, I'm sure with work it'll become part of me totally.
Everything else is OK, we sure could use some rain, deer are OK now finally after they caught that nut who was killing them for their racks, we lost Houdini, Lexx, Benny and Gazelle, damn poacher.

Another Birthday

Yeah, Happy Birthday to me, again. I never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd survive so long, I even bought a copper bracelet for my arthritis, (I'll try anything) and it seems to work, at least on my right wrist, I guess I'd have to wear one on all limbs and around my neck to feel the full effect. ;)

Hmmm, been a while.

I suppose I ought to at least check in occasionally, let you all know I'm still alive, fact is I've been very busy. I've taken on a number of responsibilities that demand most of my time, I don't have much free time for myself, and basically live for my work.

I never thought I'd be who I am, but I am.


I never thought I'd work in the oilfields but I have a part time job now checking pump-jacks and measuring crude oil tanks. It's interesting with all the electric motors, pumps, separators, and plumbing, it's a mechanical fans delight. What I do is go to oil leases and check the operation of the pump jacks, oil the stuffing box and be sure the belts are tight enough. Sometimes the gear boxes have to lube as well. I have to measure the quantity of oil produced and mark it on a form so we can keep track of production of the lease and be sure the tank doesn't overflow.
I don't especially like the smell of crude, but I suppose I'll have to get used to it.

Then came Bronson...

One of my favorite TV shows from the 60s was "Then came Bronson" about a guy, (Micheal Parks) who drove around the country on a Harley Sportster, working odd jobs, meeting different people and helping them cope with their problems.
I met people who were in pain, physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, that caused them to find relief and escape, even temporarily, from their anguish. Most chose drugs, drink, or a lifestyle that looked down upon. I never, never looked down on anyone, because I too, was in pain, I chose to find relief by helping others, and it worked for me. Yes, I tried the quick, temporary cures, but my faith in God and humanity showed me that we all have inside the means to cure ourselves, we just have to decide to make the change.
I cried with these people, shared my food, drink, clothes with them, and never, never once looked down at them for being who they were. because I was one of them, I have know the best and worst of humanity. I once lost hope, lost everything I thought was important, but realized I didn't loose the most important possession at all, my values. "Treat others as you would treat yourself", my code. John Wayne said "You have to live by a code" My love of Westerns on TV taught me a very simple, valuable and necessary rule to live by.
There is a God, and I nearly met Him a few times, I praise him every day, in my own way, very often He was my only hope. I never lived the life Bronson did, but came close, a fictional character with a mission, but a good role model. One of my neighbors came by one day, he said "I know you used to ride...maybe this will help" He left a Harley Sportster for my use... How God works...that this man who I never really knew, would come to me and fulfill a part of the dream I had once. The first ride was pure joy, and theraputic, I forgot the feeling of freedom a motorcycle or riding a horse could bring. But more...someone, a virtual stranger, cared for me, as I would have cared for them. "Be a servant to your neighbor, your country, your God, and the joy and pride it brings will never mean you have to have a synthetic high, life is a gift, enjoy and protect it, love your neighbor, understand his plight, share his pain, anguish, and hardships, you will come to accept him and respect him for his struggle".


I saw "Big Red" run and break his maiden at Aqueduct Race Track in NY back in 1972, I still get goose bumps watching the video. A truly exceptional and beautiful horse.


I recently enacted a City Ordinance that requires people to control their animals, mostly free roaming dogs. The City hasn't had any control for years and the problem is very serious. I contracted an outside agency to do the work and had hoped that offenders would have just complied.
I found out just a few minutes ago...that some of the owners of the dogs took them out and shot them. I feel incredibly guilty for this, and if this action was meant to hurt me...it did.

How can people be so ignorant and heartless?

USS Liberty


I never heard about this before, it should have been a major news item.